Club officers and history

Your responsibilities are your opportunities.
Serving as a club officer combines taking responsibility with seizing an opportunity.
Your term of office will be filled with chances to:

  • Obtain fresh perspectives
  • Build teamwork skills
  • Help your club and members develop goals for improvement
  • Serve as a mentor to individual and club success
  • Instill members and clubs with enthusiasm, fidelity and a sense of responsibility for themselves and others
  • Learn to develop your capacity to translate values and strategies into productive actions

The Toastmasters tools and resources will help you create strategies for success, answer burning questions and fulfill your duties – whether you’re an experienced leader or a novice club officer. Below are listings of our current and past Officers Teams:


Tarek Desir, CL, Immediate Past President & VP of Membership
Bill Zarvalias, President
Anna Mamalaki, VP of Education
Zoi Aftzoglou, VP of Membership
Vasilis Apostolou, VP of Public Relations
Thomais Tsioptsia, Secretary
Ana Jovanovic, Treasurer
Christian Chukwuemeka Ugwu, Sergeant


Christos Ananiadis, CC, CL, Immediate Past President & VP of Membership
Tarek Desir, CC, CL, President
Christina Rocha, VP of Education
Georgia Panagiotopoulou, VP of Membership
Chantal Dorf, VP of Public Relations
Lora Antoniou, Secretary
Jihan Maksad, Treasurer
Albesa Aliu, Sergeant


Aglaia Ntili, CL, Immediate Past President & VP of Membership
Christos Ananiadis, CC, CL, President
Ilias Spyropoulos, CC, VP of Education & Treasurer
Vasilis Valandreas, VP of Public Relations
Sylvia Trakada, Secretary
Tarek Desir, ACB, Sergeant at Arms


Constantinos Iliopoulos CC, Immediate Past President
Aglaia Ntili, President
Christos Ananiadis CC, VP of Education
Dina Dobrou, VP of Public Relations
Eleni Paleologopoulou, VP of Membership
Ilias Spyropoulos, Treasurer
Ismini Patta, Secretary
Tarek Desir CC, Sergeant at Arms


Arsinoi Lainioti CC, Immediate Past President
Constantinos Illiopoulos CC, President
Manolis Polychronides CC, VP of Education
Aglaia Ntili, VP of Public Relations
Christos Ananiades, VP of Membership
Ioanna Vogdani, Treasurer
Tarek Desir CC, Secretary
Anthony Samuel M, Sergeant at Arms


Christiane Pohl CC, Immediate Past President
Arsinoi Lainioti CC, President
Anika Jensdotter, VP of Education
David McNeill, Secretary
Manolis Polychronides CC, VP of Public Relations
Tarek Desir CC, VP of Membership
Constantinos Illiopoulos, Treasurer


Anne Faxius CC, Immediate Past President
Christiane Pohl CC, President
Arsinoi Lainioti, VP of Education
Tarek Desir CC, VP of Public Relations
Manolis Polychronides, VP of Membership
Louis Papaspirou, Secretary
Alex Athanasopoulos, Treasurer
Christos Ananiades, Sergeant at Arms


Manos Georgakakis CC, Immediate Past President
Anne Faxius CC, President
Teta Stefanou, VP of Education
Thomas Floros, VP of Membership
Christiane Pohl, VP of Public Relations
Kostas Rekalidis, Treasurer
Valentyna Kryuchkova, Secretary
Paschalis Andreou, Sergeant at arms


Dimitra Papakosta CC, Immediate Past President
Manos Georgakakis CC, President
Thomas Floros, VP of Education
Teta Stefanou, VP of Membership
Anne Faxius CC, VP of Public Relations
Kostas Rekalidis, Treasurer
Christiana Gardikioti, Secretary
Melanie Ebbage-Ipsilantis, Sergeant at arms


Barbara Kondilis ATM-B, Past President and founder
Dimitra Papakosta CC, President
Nikos Koklas and Thomas Floros, VP of Education
Thomas Floros and Petros Karkalousos CC, Sergeant at arms
Dimitris Tsapakidis CC, VP of Membership and Immediate Past President
Anne Faxius, VP of Public Relations
Efi Karmi, Treasurer


Barbara Kondilis, Immediate Past President and founder
Dimitris Tsapakidis CC, President
Dimitra Papakosta CC, VP of Education
Manos Georgakakis, VP of Membership
Vicki Branika, VP of Public Relations
Efi Karmi, Treasurer and Secretary
George Loverdos, Sergeant at Arms

Awarded one CC in April and another in May 2008.
Met Distinguished Club goals.


Barbara Kondilis, President
CC, VP of Education
Dimitra Papakosta CC, VP of Membership
Vicki Branika, VP of Public Relations
Mary Kontaratou, Treasurer
Vasiliki Zafiri, Secretary
Manos Georgakakis, Sergeant at Arms

Awarded 2 CCs in June 2007.
Met Distinguished Club goals.
Got the Talk Up Toastmasters and Beat the Clock Awards.


Founded in August 2005.

, President
Eleni Tsirigoti and Dimitris Tsapakidis, VP of Education
Vasiliki Zafiri, VP of Membership
Vicky Branika, VP of Public Relations
Mary Kontaratou, Treasurer
Maria Vassiliades, Secretary

Club officer roles are described here.

Club Awards

2015-2016 Live status at this page.
2014-2015 President’s Distinguished Club
2013-2014 Distinguished Club
2012-2013 Select Distinguished Club
2011-2012 Distinguished Club
2010-2011 Distinguished Club
2008-2009 Distinguished Club
2007-2008 Distinguished Club
2006-2007 Distinguished Club

The Years of “Toasting New Beginnings”

In August 2005 we started a club known as the HAU Athens Toastmasters with the help of the Hellenic American Union (HAU) in Athens Greece. This was the first of its kind. They said it could not be done, that Greeks were not interested in a “club” for public speaking (it’s in their blood!), that I was too much of an idealist.

My favorite book as a kid was “The Little Engine that Could” where a little blue engine train struggles to go up the hill saying to itself, “I think I can, I think I can…” eventually going over hills and valleys with little to no effort. The same thought process was taken into the formation of the HAU Athens Toastmasters club.

The last two years have truly been years of NEW BEGINNINGS for both myself and for the club. The beginning of this club is the realization of the Toastmaster International Vision: Toastmasters International empowers people to achieve their full potential and realize their dreams.

I came to Greece with a dream of building in the areas of public health and social work (my fields of study) and saw a need for people to cultivate both their public speaking skills and their career development skills. This of course, did not happen without some challenges, but as they say, “if at first you don’t succeed, try and try again!” We tried again, with new recruitment strategies, and kept plugging on… We increased our membership to the current 20+ members and with achievement of several other club goals we have received several Distinguished Club Awards over the years! (one goal very difficult for most clubs around the world to achieve. Congratulations!)

We have all achieved! I want to especially thank my fellow officers — my team — in making my own dream a reality and I look forward to working with them in the near future. I give members five simple steps in helping achieving their personal Toastmaster goals:

  1. Don’t fret about your topic, pick one and go!
  2. Never apologize for not preparing a speech…. Just do it!
  3. Learn about teamwork – support your fellow toastmasters, a little help goes a long way!
  4. Give feedback like it’s the most precious piece of advice one will get TODAY
  5. If at first you don’t succeed, try and try again!

The years of new beginnings have truly been a success.

“Success is not the key to happiness. Happiness is the key to success. If you love what you are doing, you will be successful.” Herman Cain

Past President (2005-2007) & Founder, HAU Athens Toastmasters Club,
Barbara Kondilis ATM B

7 September 2007