HAU Athens Toastmasters Club Constitution

The Toastmasters International Club Constitution is the document our club founding members signed to form the club. It has evolved over nearly 100 years to provide a framework of education, governance and leadership for every Toastmasters club throughout the world.

What do you need to do?

It is true to say that every club needs members, but equally, every member needs a club. And the constitution is the document that defines what the club is and does.

That is why, instead of just briefly presenting it to you in a meeting and asking only the people that happened to be present, to vote for it, I personally believe it is really important for every member of the club, both current as well as the new ones, to have the appropriate time available to read and consent to it.

I have prepared in this webpage the current version of the Toastmasters International Club Constitution (Rev: 11/2019). I highly encourage you to invest some time so that you will be informed about the essence of what HAU Athens Toastmasters club is.

Successful clubs understand the Toastmasters International Club Constitution and follow it, whilst others choose to ignore it or even worse, do not know it exists.

Let’s choose to be in the first category!

Best regards,
Nikos Pavlopoulos
President 2019/2020

HAU Athens Toastmasters 

This acceptance form represents your “digital vote of consent” for this important governing document of our club.

After you Submit it you will receive an email that includes your answers to this form as well as an automated email that confirms your vote of consent for the HAU Athens Toastmasters – Club Constitution.