Toastmasters HAU – Meetings – Calendar

Join our meetings:
– to become an exceptional public speaker and leader
– for a supportive learning environment where you will feel comfortable developing your skills
– tips and advice you can effectively use for your next speech or presentation
– a lot loooot of joy and optimism, so you can feel trust and start speaking.

If you would like to join the meeting, it is necessary to sign in to our easySpeak page here for the date your are interested or write to us at info[at]

– Hellenic American Union (Massalias 22, Athens)
*Temporarily online and hybrid via Video Conferencing Platforms*

Special thanks for hosting us, to:
Hellenic American Union |
Hellenic American College |

People affiliated with the Hellenic American Union / Hellenic American College (students & faculty) feel free to also contact us directly using the form bellow and mention in the message that you are a student or faculty.

The language used during our meetings is English.

Our meetings are fun and interactive.

Each meeting different Club members volunteer for taking on a specific role (tell a joke, or time the speeches etc). We take turns to fulfill the roles and the key to a successful evening is TEAMWORK!

The role of the audience is to listen, to encourage the speakers and create a friendly environment where speakers feel comfortable to speak, practice their skills, learn, grow, have fun and even make mistakes!

Taking all these roles helps us improve our speaking, presentation, listening and leadership skills, to become better at organizing meetings and to become more comfortable speaking in front of audiences.